Watch: How to shop online post-Brexit

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

MaltaPost announced changes to its SendOn service following Brexit. The company informed its clients by email the new rules when it comes to online shopping from the United Kingdom.

Purchases from the UK now will need to go through customs formalities. Since 1 January every purchase that will be using the SendOn service will require to declare every item.
Once the goods arrive at MaltaPost hub in the UK the client will be informed to upload the fiscal receipt to the company’s portal. Without the declaration, the items would not be released by customs.

Once the shopping reaches Malta the customs department will inspect the package and may ask the buyer for further information. Once the items are released by customs the customer will be informed. MaltaPost will send a breakdown bill including service tariff, VAT, Customs fees if applicable. The parcel will be released once the payments are made the company confirmed.

Businesses urged to prepare for No-Deal Brexit
Businesses urged to prepare for No-Deal Brexit