Watch: How can you become a puppy raiser?

What exactly does a puppy raiser do? spoke to Joanne Cremona from Service Dogs Malta Foundation’s founder, who explained that a puppy raiser takes care of the puppy from when they first get him or her until he is matched with the family or individual who needs him.

It sounds like a lot of fun… but it’s actually hard work.

“To become a puppy raiser you need to be able to commit a few hours a day to the dog. We also have a set of rules that puppy raisers have to follow,” Cremona explains, “After all they are helping us to train the puppy so the he or she is then ready for the specific training with the client. “

Service dogs are given free-of-charge to those who need them. Each dog costs the Foundation around €15,000 to train.

Miguela Xuereb

You may find out more about Service Dogs Malta Foundation and how to help them from their website or Facebook page.

This is Part 2 of a three-part series on Part 3 will be online on Thursday 31st October.

Part 1 may be accessed here.