Watch: How can businesses move forward after COVID 19? – Anita Aloisio, business reform specialist

22nd Juine 2020. Today we were joined for our VMeeting by Ms. Anita Aloisio, Owner of Alecta Advisors.Anita Aloisio gave us a very engaging and informative talk about how COVID 19 has effected her business and her clients and their preparedness to go forward in the new World of Busines.Anita Aloisio, thank you so much for spending the time with us and giving us an insight into what has and hasn't worked for you and your clients based on your first-hand experiences.I hope you all get to enjoy the talk by Anita Aloisio!

Posted by BPW Valletta Malta on Monday, June 22, 2020

Every Tuesday, is bringing you interviews with inspiring professional women, conducted by BPW Valletta Malta President Mariella Camilleri.

In this episode, Camilleri interviews Anita Aloisio, a business reform and restructuring specialist with 25 years of experience in strategic and business planning, corporate finance.

Driven by a passion to crunch numbers and critically analyse business situations, she has built a reputation for having strong attention to detail, foresight when it comes to taking strategic decisions and having a knack for using numbers to understand patterns that influence businesses and find practical solutions to problems.

Aloisio’s professional career started in auditing and advisory in a Big Four firm. She is presently Vice-Chairperson of the Manoel Theatre and owner of Alecta Advisors.

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