Watch: How are local wine and spirits businesses doing in this ‘new normal’?

What changes have local companies made to cope with these unusual times? How is the economy going to survive? And what are the things that local businesses can do to stay ahead of the curve?

In the brand new series by the name of ‘Business Talks’, Coryse Borg speaks to a number of movers and shakers in various spheres, such as banking, retail, real estate, events co-ordinators and more.

In this edition, she speaks to Delicata Managing Director George Delicata and M. Demajo (Wines & Spirits) Ltd Managing Director Matthew Miceli Demajo about how their respective companies are coping with this uncertain COVID-19 world.

Delicata said that his thanks went to the Maltese because “we are surviving by the effort and the will of the Maltese people”. Miceli Demajo said that he would like to thank all medical staff and front-liners for all their work and dedication during this pandemic.

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