Watch: Homelessness an increasing problem among asylum seekers – Dr Maria Pisani

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Dr Maria Pisani, said that homelessness is a growing problem among asylum seekers who are released after a period of detention. She explained that she was referring to asylum seekers and not to all migrants. These individuals that end up living in a society where they know no one and have no social connections.

Pisani, a University lecturer and migration activist, was being interviewed on Saturday by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi on 103 Malta’s Heart.

She said that the NGOs cannot cope with the problem which is exacerbated because these asylum seekers are not given any documentation once they leave the detention centres.

Pisani described this as a manufactured problem in the sense that it is a problem created by the system over time.

She explained how following a period in the detention facilities, these asylum seekers are taken to the open centres and after a period in these centres they are obliged to move on. But, said Pisani, moving on means ending up in the streets without documents, without a place to live in and without any contacts.

“I am not referring to the documents that they should had when they arrived in Malta, but the documents that should be issued when they are in Malta” clarified Dr Maria Pisani.

Moreover, she mentioned, that the present detention policy is illegal when it comes to duration in custody by the asylum seekers.

She said that the only support for these individuals comes from the NGOs, that operate on voluntary basis with limited resources. and 103 campaign for the homeless

Newsbook and 103 Malta’s Heart are currently doing the campaign ‘Ma Kienx Hemm Post Għalihom fil-Lukanda’ (There was no place for them in the inn). Earlier this week an awareness video on homelessness was launched by journalists, presenters, and producers with and 103.

Fr Joe Borg, Editorial Board Chairperson of Beacon Media Group explained how the name was inspired from the Holy Scriptures, was interviewed by editor in Chief, Sylvana Debono. He said, “Not even for the Christ was there in the city and was born in a cave. We want to help the homeless fine a home. That is the true spirit of Advent and Christmas.”

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This article forms part of the and 103 campaign ‘Ma Kienx Hemm Post Għalihom fil-Lukanda’.