Watch: History and technology come together at Palazzo Falson

The museum has launched an Augmented Reality (AR) game called Secrets of Palazzo Falson.

In a first for Malta, visitors to Palazzo Falson in Mdina can now become fully immersed in the historic atmosphere of the building with an interactive app which allows them to unlock the mysteries surrounding the death of the game’s lead protagonist Lady Caterina.

The idea began with the fictional story written by Greek Author, Eleni Papadopoulou who wrote a dark love story set in the medieval era which engages the player to follow the different characters of the game and solve the mystery using an augmented reality app on a mobile or tablet device. The players earn reward tokens as they progress in completing the game.

The app was designed and developed by local tech company, Mighty Box and the overall supervision of the technical process was overseen by Marvin Zammit. The voices of the characters belong to well-known local actors.

Speaking to, Curator Caroline Tonna explained that Secrets of Palazzo Falson is a fully inclusive AR game that provides a Maltese and English narration and it is also text based for the benefit of the hearing-impaired community. 

“Secrets of Palazzo Falson is an entertaining experience that will attract a new audience and after playing the game, the visitors will be invited to take an audio guided tour of the remarkable history of this historic house museum and its collections,” she says.

The app is based on AR, which means that you can point your mobile device at your surroundings and things will pop up on your screen which are not there in real life. So, paintings become animated, characters talk to you and objects ‘move’.

The app can be downloaded for free on a mobile or tablet upon purchase of a ticket at Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum in Mdina. Secrets of Palazzo Falson is a joint partnership between the Vodafone Malta Foundation and Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti.

Filming & editing: Sarah Salafia