Watch: Help students participate in a robotics competition in Dubai

A group of five MCAST students are appealing for donations in aim of representing Malta in an IT and robotics competition taking place in Dubai. In order to participate, the youth need to raise €10,000.

The students, currently studying Software Development and Robotics at MCAST, told that they were chosen to represent Malta in the First Global robotics competition, to be held in Dubai next October. The aim of the competition is to draw attention to ocean pollution.

The youth explained that they are required to build a robot that is able to collect waste and place it in specific barges.

“Make our dream a reality” – Team Malta

In order to attend, the team is required to raise €10,000. The students explained that thanks to their main sponsors, BOV and eSkills, together with a donation from CFC – Crispy Flavoured Chicken and funds collected on their GoFundMe page, they have collected €4,055 to date. The team insisted that collecting the required amount would make their dream a reality; and that every donation is greatly appreciated.

Team Malta is also encouraging the public to follow their journey through their Facebook page, or on the official website.

Footage: Conrad Vassallo