Watch: Hearts Beating in Time releases new music video

Hearts Beating In Time releases the highly anticipated music video for 'Simone's', the first single off her second album Songs for Girls.

The catchy and upbeat song walks you through the very relatable story of two close friends wandering the streets of their new home. They meet at a bar called ‘Simone’s Kleine Kneipe’ in Berlin which lead to the title ‘Simone’s’. They eventually spend the night walking around in the cold, until they can’t go any further and wind up on a bench talking about everything and nothing until the sun comes up.

Simone’s is the brainchild of this night-long conversation between two friends, bringing together echoey vocals, moving beats and layered synth sounds to deliver hopelessly romantic lyrics against the backdrop of 80s influenced sounds to communicate a plethora of paradoxes like learning to let go whilst also coming to terms with embracing heartbreak. This has all been done through fluid movement and simple lyrics.

Hearts Beating in Time melodiously succeeds at embodying metamodern sensibilities fuelled by a fascination with the struggle between feelings of hope and futility, the disappointment of losing love, and the highs of fleeting encounters, along with the naivety of unknowingly finding meaning in the meaningless. Simone’s also features the vocals of singer Tiffany Khalil.

Behind the scenes of the music video / photo credit: Rebecca Calleja

Rebecca Theuma, the brain and voice behind Hearts Beating in Time, has been involved in the Maltese music scene for the past 10 years, starting off as a drummer with Stolen Creep, and then with Bark Bark Disco who she also toured with. She is heavily influenced by the styles of Grimes, St Vincent, Magnetic Fields, Jeffrey Lewis and Jamie xx. Hearts Beating in Time has been making music as a solo artist since 2018 and has been working on ‘Simone’s’ for the past couple of months.

Theuma lives in between Malta and Berlin producing electronic music as a solo artist.