Watch: Ħal Far Murder: Never heard for a rationale to carry political responsibility – Prime Minister

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that he has never heard an argument calling for political responsibility in cases such as the cold-blooded murder of an Ivorian Coast national, allegedly committed by two members of the Armed Forces of Malta.

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Ħal Far drive-by murder: Two soldiers accused with murder still not suspended

When asked the Prime Minister if political responsibility will be taken in the matter of the Lassana Cisse Souleymane’s murder, he replied asking if the question implied that the suspects have been sent by a government minister.

The journalist continued by telling the Prime Minister that she was asking on whether political responsibility should be carried as the two suspects hold a public role which makes them responsible to protect the public.

The Prime Minister replied by saying that he did not hear of such an argument when a person had died whilst in a detention van back in 2012. Prime Minister Muscat stressed that the line of reasoning that was used back then had never been contested.

Whilst answering questions from other members of the press, the Prime Minister also asked whether he is being asked to carry political responsibility for managing to detain the two suspects.

He said that he commends the Police Corps for their impeccable work in the matter. He also stressed that even though there is no doubt on the fact that the Armed Forces of Malta are being led in an excellent manner, it still needs to be seen if there are other matters on the issue.Ħal Far drive-by murder: Two soldiers accused with murder still not suspended