Watch: Gutenberg Press commits production line to face visor cutting

As part of its commitment to support both the local and international health authorities, Gutenberg Press Ltd has transformed its manufacturing process and is now die-cutting important and vital face visors used to contain the spread of COVID-19.

These face visors are designed, produced and converted by a Maltese manufacturing joint venture made-up of Kengineering (an off-shoot of Tek-Moulds Ltd), Rapco Ltd and Thermoplastics Ltd. These companies sought the professional services of Gutenberg Press, who have also placed their energy in contributing to this important product.

In a statement, Gutenberg Press said that similar to other companies in the manufacturing industry, COVID-19 has presented it with a totally new challenge as it slowed down the momentum they have built up in the past years. However, these challenges helped them to work more as a collective and holistic team, it said.

“Turning challenges into opportunities, we found that the ideal step was to think ‘outside the box’ and challenge ourselves beyond our comfort zone; something that has driven Gutenberg Press since the foundation of the company, over 30 years ago. Changing one of our production lines was not an easy task, but the team responded in a great manner. The company is proud to have a dynamic and flexible team whom experience and loyalty drive the company from one success to the other. During these delicate times, the workforce was determined to be proactive, and to be at the forefront in attending to the company’s requirements for this new project,” it stated.

Gutenberg Press is Malta’s leading printing press with over 35 years of experience in printing and folding-carton manufacturing.

This content was supplied by Gutenberg Press

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