Watch: Graffitti calls out PA delays on Fuel Station policy

The civil society NGO, Moviment Graffitti has released a video calling out the Planning Authority’s delay in changing a policy on the building of service stations on ODZ land.

They say that the policy which allows for fuel stations to be built, actually opens the door for commercial operations to develop on land that is designated for farming.

A year has elapsed since the Environment Minister Jose Herrera pledged to change the 2015 Fuel Service Station Policy.

Within that time, the group has carried out numerous protests and direct actions at the PA headquarters aimed at getting an immediate revision. But, nothing has changed.

According to Moviment Graffitti, 16 applications for ODZ fuel stations have been made with 4 so far accepted and more to be processed.

They also fear that the public consultation process to revise the policy could also be used to further delay or postpone the revised policy publication. In this case the ‘PA should not only publish the reviewed policy for consultation immediately, but it should also establish a date for the entry into force of the final, revised, policy.’, they state.

They add that, ‘It is clear that the PA is taking everyone for a ride by dragging its feet and keeping the current policy in place, thus allowing a few developers to continue enriching themselves by building on ODZ.’.