Updated on Wednesday: Ferries to Gozo back on schedule

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Gozo Channel Operations announced that the service is back on track via the Comino Route.

On Facebook, it stated that the operations are back to the normal time schedule.

Operations back to normal time schedule via Comino Route.

Posted by Gozo Channel Operations Limited on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What happened during Tuesday’s storm?

Both the Gozo Channel and Virtù Ferries have suspended their services due to adverse weather conditions.

In a Facebook post, Virtù Ferries announced that MV Saint John Paul II will not operate on Wednesday 13 November due to bad weather conditions. The company announced that extra voyages will be organised for Thursday, instead.

The schedule for Thursday is as follows:

VR100 Departing from Malta at 05:00 hrs arriving in Pozzallo 06:45 hrs (scheduled)
VR111 Departing from Pozzallo 09:15 hrs arriving in Malta 11:00 hrs (extra)
VR110 Departing from Malta 17:00 hrs arriving in Pozzallo 18:45 hrs (extra)
VR101 Departing from Pozzallo 21:30 hrs arriving in Malta 23:15 hrs (scheduled)

RE: M/V ‘SAINT JOHN PAUL II’ WEDNESDAY 13TH & THURSDAY 14TH NOVEMBER 2019== Kindly note that all voyages on…

Posted by Virtu Ferries Ltd. on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Gozo Channel announces suspension of service due to bad weather

The ferry service between Malta and Gozo has been suspended due to bad weather conditions, Gozo Channel announced in a Facebook status.

The ferry service was suspended around noon on Tuesday.

In its post, the Gozo Channel which operates the ferry service between Malta and Gozo has been suspended until further notice. Adding that the crew operated all scheduled trips throughout the night between Monday and Tuesday, as well as the scheduled trips on Tuesday morning, braving Gale Force Winds.

Meanwhile, Opposition MP and shadow minister for Gozo Chris Said published a video on Facebook showing a ferry sailing through the bad weather.

Said who is in favour of a permanent link between the two islands, reminded that Gozitans are forced to face such situations on days like these. The Nationalist MP remarked that without a doubt no one would cross to the sister island on holiday during a storm, however, Gozitans would need to come to Malta out of necessity such as in the case of a medical appointment, work, study or to take a flight.

Dak li jhabbtu wicchom mieghu l' Ghawdxin f' gurnata xitwija bhal tallum.M' ghandix dubju li illum hadd mhu ser jaqsam lejn Ghawdex biex jiehu gurnata jew jumejn ta' mistrieh izda l' Ghawdxin iridu jew ma jridux jkollhom jaqsmu min ghax ghandu appuntament l-Isptar, min ghax-xoghol, min ghall-istudju jew xi ezami u min ghax irid jaqbad xi titjira mill-ajruport.UPDATEIl-kumpanija Gozo Channel ghadha kemm habbret li ssospendiet is-servizz kollu bejn Malta u Ghawdex. Mijiet ta' Ghawdxin maqbudin Malta u ma jistghux jirritornaw lura mix-xoghol b' uhud minnhom maqbudin fuq vapur marbut mal-moll tac-Cirkewwa.

Posted by Chris Said on Tuesday, November 12, 2019