Watch: Gozitan priest speaks about his dreams for Guatemala

Fr Jose Camilleri has been based in Guatemala as a missionary for the past 26 years. One of the projects during the mission was that of building a hospital which helped save a number of newborns that were born in slums.

Fr Camilleri was interviewed during Follow-Up a radio programme aired on RTK 103FM during which he explained his dream of building a hospital in the country. The hospital was then built and has 75 beds and three wards in which three babies are born on average daily. According to Fr Camilleri his dream would not have become a reality had there been no assistance through the Mission Fund.

Fr Camilleri also spoke of the material and environmental poverty with which Guatemala is afflicted. He described how the place reminds him of his hometown, Xewkija, and described the lack of progress and infrastructure, 70 years ago. He stated that the country felt as though it could not grow, explaining that there was a problem with food security and it was a common place to eat black beans in the morning, for lunch and for dinner.

According to Fr Camilleri reaching everyone in Guatemala was difficult since the ratio was of 31 priests to a population of million people however various catechists help out the priests in their work.

The Order of Malta provides food, clothing and medicine to Guatemalans as well as Caritas International which works a lot in Guatemala, Fr Camilleri explained.

However the need for more volunteer doctors and nurses was needed in Guatemala due to a demand for medical services, Fr Camilleri explained.