Watch: Gozitan children start scholastic year with a song

It's so good to be back #happyschoolforever

Posted by Lelio Spiteri on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Gozitan children of the Primary School in Rabat, known also as the Happy School, started their new scholastic year with a song in the school grounds.

Head of School, Lelio Spiteri shared a Facebook video of the students dancing and singing the song “I Will Sing Your Praises.” In the video, Spiteri encourages the students to participate enthusiastically.

The school is known for this kind of activities and for their emphasis on putting a smile on the students’ faces while being more active in the educational life.

Around 60,000 students in Malta and Gozo began their new scholastic year yesterday, Minister for Education said. 8,731 of the students will be attending kindergarten, 25,860 will be attending primary schools and 20,939 will be attending middle and secondary schools.