Watch: “Govt. colluded with foreigners to rob the Maltese” – Delia


Adrian Delia, Leader of the Opposition, stated that the Government has colluded with foreigners to rob the Maltese with regards to the Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) deal.

He said this during a press conference, stating that the Government has been colluding with foreigners behind everyone’s backs. He reminded that €250,000 a day from the pockets of the Maltese are being poured into the VGH deal, and that if the contract is absolved, this money can be invested elsewhere.

He stated that investments can include preparations against upcoming waves of coronavirus, to help the unemployed, families, pensioners, as well as front liners of the pandemic. Delia added that Prime Minister Robert Abela is remaining silent in the face of all this.

He concluded his statement by saying that Malta must not only fight against the virus, but also against the politics that divide us. Instead, politics for the people must be implemented.

The Labour government had signed the contract with VGH in 2015 at that time Konrad Mizzi was the Minister responsible for the health sector.