Watch: Government addressing high costs of rent – Cyrus Engerer

The Labour Candidate for the European elections Cyrus Engerer said that the cost of rent in Malta has risen, to a point that it is affecting the Maltese’s daily routines. He also said that the Government is, in fact, listening to the people by launching the white paper before the budget to address these problems.

During a debate on the Newsline program on RTK led by Sylvana Debono, Labour candidate Cyrus Engerer was debating several points from the Prime Minister’s speech as well as that of the Leader of the Opposition, together with the Nationalist candidate of the European elections Peter Agius.

When asked to comment about his favourite part of Adrian Delia’s speech in response to the budget, Cyrus Engerer said that it is difficult to choose a part he agreed with. However he said that he agreed with him when he mentioned the people’s daily lives. In response to this, Engerer would comment that the Leader of the Opposition was mistaken when he remarked on the price of milk since it has, in fact remained the same.

He said that although Dr. Delia promised a new way, he had criticism for Dr Busuttil, the former leader in Parliament. He also mentioned that Dr. Delia was mistaken nine times, especially when mentioning poverty and emissions.

The Nationalist candidate of the European elections Peter Agius said that the Government is selling a budget which promises many a lot of good on adverts but which do not improve the reality of daily life when brought to the core.

Agius mentioned that there are a number of good initiatives in the budget, such as those of the blockchain and the special visa for start-ups, but he explained that they are not accompanied by a vision of educational investment to encourage Maltese youths to take on specialised work which foreigners are taking at the moment.