Watch: ‘Gov using Egrant report politically’ – Delia

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that there are at least 11 people who have seen the full Egrant Magisterial Inquiry report, and that it was clearly used by the Government to get a political edge.

This was said outside Court earlier today after the continuation of the case opened by Delia in order to be given a full copy of the report of the Magisterial inquiry into Egrant.

Police are still investigation the secret Panama company Egrant, according to the Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar. Cutajar said that the Police were given a full copy of the report, as is protocol.

The Deputy Chief of Communication within the Office of the Prime Minister, Matthew Carbone said that he has never seen the full Egrant report. Carbone said that he spoke about the conclusions of the report with the OPM’s Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri and the Justice Minister, Owen Bonnici. He said that he did not speak about the report with Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, nor with the former European Commissioner, John Dalli. He also explained that he spoke about the conclusion of the report with “exponents of the Partit Laburista” in the same way that all of Malta spoke about them. Regarding the photo taken of the copy of the inquiry, Carbone said he wasn’t the one who took it.

In comments outside Court, Delia said that the hearing unveiled that there are at least 11 other people who have a copy of the full report before the Political message which the Government had to make was prepared. Delia said that Matthew Carbone first said one thing, and then another. According to Delia, this is evidence that the report was being used politically.

A few minutes before the Prime Minister held a Press Conference in Castille, the Attorney General published the principle conclusions rather than the full report.

The Court agreed with Delia that the Constitutional Appeal which he filed to be given a full copy of the report be heard with the utmost urgency.

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is among the witnesses who have testified in this case so far.