Watch: Government prepares for Marsalforn breakwater costing “millions”

Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana said that the Government has released two tenders in preparation for their application with the Planning Authority for the building of a breakwater in Marsalforn costing “millions”. Meanwhile, a number of restaurant and shop owners in the Marsalforn area told that they often spend hours cleaning after adverse weather conditions to be able to welcome customers.

While facing the challenges of operators in Marsalforn, Caruana said that just like when she was in the Opposition, she still receives many complaints about it. She explained that she couldn’t work on the promise before, since she became the Minister for Gozo in this legislation. Caruana also pointed out that a team of experts have evaluated every study in the past with the hope that public funds do not go to waste.

Filmat: Fadal żewġ studji qabel il-permess għal breakwater

In comments to, which was not invited to the Press Conference,

the Minister explained that the two new tenders are for two separate studies that still need to be undertaken.One of them covers geo-technical investigations, and the other is about environmental impact. The current plan is for the breakwater to have two walls starting from both sides of the port in order to give Marsalforn adequate protection regardless of where the winds will be coming from.

One of the workers interviewed by this newsroom explained that despite preparations being done throughout the night to manage damages caused by adverse weather conditions, they still occasionally spend up to four hours clearing up sludge and rocks which the sea brings up from the Marsalforn port.

Filmat: “Nagħmlu 4 sigħat innaddfu l-ħama f’Marsalforn”

It was also said that Government workers should clean the roads around the businesses, however on some days the workers either take their time cleaning, or they just don’t show up. Restaurant owners said that they sometimes have to call the Sanitation Department for them to clean the streets.

A restaurant owner also told this newsroom that, throughout this winter, waves crossed the road and broke two restaurant doors, one made of plastic and the other of aluminium.

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