Watch: God became man to suffer like us – Mgr Grech

God’s scandal is that He was born and became man to suffer all of man’s suffering, according to the Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech.

Mgr. Grech said this during his Christmas message for 2018, which he said was the same as the message which God’s angel gave farmers in Bethlehem. According to the Bishop, the angel said that a saviour would be born in a manger.

The Bishop spoke about the maternal love Mary showed Jesus – a newborn. He explained that when he was born, Mary wrapped Jesus in rags and a few years later she had to see her son wrapped in rags after he was crucified. She has the same love for the rest of mankind as she showed her son, said Mgr. Grech.

The Gozitan Bishop said that a few weeks ago, the celebrations started marking 400 years since the frame of Mary’s likeness was put in the Tà Pinu sanctuary. Mgr. Grech wishes that, this year, mankind experiences the same experience which Jesus had in Bethlehem.

Video: GVP