Watch: Free meal for people who would otherwise be alone

Fr John Buhagiar, the Rector for the Pastoral Centre of St Luke in Nigret, Rabat, said of the meal on the 6th January as one “prepared for those who eat alone on Sunday.”

“This meal is for the Nigret area,” he added, “for those who live alone.” The event is free, as a means for those living in solitude to have the opportunity to eat with other people.

Fr Buhagiar spoke about the volunteers who prepare food saying that, if it weren’t for them, the meal wouldn’t be organised. He also spoke about the generosity of people who offered to bring sweets and cakes for people to have a dessert course too.

The food provided will be rice with pork, vegetables and potatoes. Fr Buhagiar said that so far there are 15 confirmed attendees, apart from the people who have approached him personally and told him they will be attending. The Pastoral Centre of St Luke appealed to people living alone in the Nigret area, or know anyone in the same situation, to contact him on 21453347 to book a seat. Bookings are open until the 3rd January.