Watch: Free dance classes for people with Parkison’s

An initiative targetting those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease is now available in Malta free of charge. Dance classes which have been proven beneficial in dealing with symptoms such as freezing gait, balance and motor disability, are offered in four different localities around Malta as well as in Gozo.

This opportunity helps those who have Parkinson’s a place which offers them with support, interaction as well as freedom of movement. In Malta some 1,400 people have Parkinson’s.

Natalie Muschamp, the founder of Step Up for Parkinson’s was interviewed by Sylvana Debono on RTK. Muschamp said that the organisation is supported by Malta Community Chest Fund and MMDNA. Since the organisation was launched some 100 people signed up as volunteers. The organisation offers free dance classes which are adapted to the needs of people with Parkinson’s.

Muschamp during her interview explained how that one may understand the difficulties people with Parkinson’s face when dancing. She also spoke of dancing as helping people elevate their mood, mental health and as an opportunity to interact with others. She referred to case studies on the subject which showed the positive impact dancing has on people with Parkinson’s.

Recently a gala event was organized where 180 people attended. The guests could enjoy a performance by those taking up classes as they danced to Singing in the rain and Dancing Queen.

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