Watch: “Fr Noel had full faith in God” – Bishop Galea-Curmi

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi said that Fr. Noel Vella had full faith in God, “like a baby in their mother’s lap”. He explained that Fr. Noel gave his life to God when He asked for his vocation, and he remained with Him throughout his life until the end. The Bishop said that Fr. Noel’s life in the clergy was a testimony to the Gospel.

Fr. Noel Vella passed away on the 14th February in San Raffaele hospital in Milan where he was receiving treatment at the age of 60.

At his funeral, the Bishop described Fr. Noel as a good and humble priest. He explained that the celebration of his funeral also celebrated the faith of a living God, which gives a guarantee of an everlasting life to those who follow Him.

He said that Fr. Noel was always strong in the face of temptation which comes to priests to share their woes with the world via social media. He said that Fr. Noel saw that he did not need to speak to the entire world about that which he can share with other priests who can help.

“Gentleness with his mother and aunt”

Mgr. Galea-Curmi also referred to Fr. Noel’s gentle treatment of others. He explained that, in everyday life, he would show gentleness with his mother and aunt “with his sweet smile, in humility, and with his big heart”. Here, the Bishop compared Fr. Noel to Jesus “of sweet and humble heart”.

The Bishop also spoke about the life of servitude and loyalty which Fr. Noel offered to the community of the the Parish of St Gregory in Sliema, in which he spent over 21 years as vice-parish priest. He also elaborated on how Fr. Noel also showed the beauty of priestly brotherhood, “where priests enjoy each other’s company and support each other.”