Watch: Former Police union head eyeing Police chief post

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Police Inspector Sandro Camilleri is considering throwing his name in the hat in a bid to become the next police commissioner.

During an interview on popular prime time TV programme Xarabank, Camilleri said that he is seriously considering applying for the post.

ESKLUSSIVA: Intervista mal-Ispettur Sandro Camilleri

L-Ispettur Sandro Camilleri jitkellem dwar dak li qed jigri fil-Korp tal-Pulizija u jizvela li qed jikkunsidra serjament li japplika biex isir Kummissarju tal-Pulizija.Ara l-intervista kollha kif dehret f'Xarabank:

Posted by Xarabank on Friday, February 21, 2020

The former Police Officers’ Union president said that he was approached by various individuals who urged him to consider becoming the next commissioner.

A new method for the appointment of the police commissioner was proposed by the government and is being debated in the House of Representatives.

Over the past ten years, there was a high turn over of police commissioners. Following the 2013 election, former police commissioner John Rizzo who had served 12 straight years at the force’s helm was out. He was succeeded by Peter Paul Zammit, who was later succeeded by acting commissioner Ray Zammit, who was then succeeded by Michael Cassar.

In April 2016 Lawrence Cutajar was appointed as acting police commissioner only to be later confirmed as police commissioner. Both Partit Laburista leadership candidates Chris Fearne and Robert Abela had said that they would not retain Cutajar as commissioner. Upon his appointment as Prime Minister, Abela, accepted Cutajar’s resignation. Subsequently Carmelo Magri was appointed as acting police commissioner.

On Xarabank, Camilleri remarked that the new police chief will have to apply and face an interview prior to their appointment. This was a break with the past when a politically-appointed person would be appointed to head the force, Camilleri added.

“Speaking for myself, I wasn’t considering applying for the post. However, when one receives such a huge amount of public support, I started considering applying. Am not saying that I will certainly apply. But I do take into consideration what the police are saying and what the people are saying,” Camilleri told Xarabank.

Slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia had written about Camilleri who was spotted celebrating during a Partit Laburista mass meeting in Ħal Far.

Die-hard activists should not become police commissioner

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola in a statement said that the next police commissioner should not be a die-hard party activist. He referred to Lawrence Cutajar who had praised the prime minister on a Facebook post. Cassola said that does who fall in this category should not apply.