Watch: “Food waste is seriously harming the environment”

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the General Workers Union has initiated a new campaign called ‘Stop Waste’, which aims to create awareness on reducing food consumption and stopping food wastage.

The director of the Reggie Miller Foundation, Pauline Fenech explained to that when we throw away rotting food, it becomes gasses which are harmful to the environment:

Miguela Xuereb

“This is something we know. We are not reinventing the wheel here… we’re just trying to make people wake up from a slumber, to be more aware of what’s happening and why, and to think before they throw food away.”

Ms Fenech continued to say that when she was a child it was “a sin” to throw bread away.

“We kept it all till Saturday and then we made the ‘famous’ bread pudding. I can see poeple rolling their eyes and saying,’I don’t have time to make bread pudding’. But you have time to put it in your oven and turn it into croutons,” she said, “There are baby steps we can take to be part of the solution.”

GWU Secretary-General Joseph Bugeja said that the union believes that everyone can contribute to this campaign.

Miguela Xuereb

“Everyone talks about plastic, about water, but nobody talks about food waste. Statistics show that 40 percent of the food we cook is wasted,” Mr Bugeja said.

The year-long campaign will be implemented both locally and abroad with European social partners to promote eating well without doing any harm to the environment.