Watch: Flight disrupted on passenger’s birthday was at the Malta International Airport interviewing passengers who were on board one of the two passenger planes involved in the late evening collision on Thursday.

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Hassan Saeed who was bound on a business trip to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines explained that there was a big impact when the wing of a Ryanair plane scraped the tail of the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 on which he was. Saeed was seated at the back of the aircraft and thus felt the impact upon the collision which resulted in minor damage for both planes. According to Saeed, Turkish Airlines were really helpful and arranged accommodation for the stranded passengers who were to leave Malta at 9.35am on Friday. This was in stark contrast to the local employees of the Malta International Airport who left the stranded passengers waiting without any information for approximately an hour and a half, according to Saeed. Saaed was celebrating his birthday, however little did he know it would end up like this.

Another passenger, Philip Tennant who was transiting through Istanbul on his way to Kuwait told that the flight had already been delayed for some 50 minutes prior to the collision and another 50 minutes after the collision before they got off the plane.

The Malta International Airport confirmed that the incident happened at about 9pm on Thursday. MIA regretted any inconvenience caused to passengers on board the aircraft. It also stated that it was supporting the authorities in their investigations. Further the MIA said that the damages were minor and that no one was injured in this incident.