Watch: Fishermen do not know how to read or write to earn a living – Peter Agius

Nationalist Party candidate for the European Parliament, Peter Agius has said that a number of fishermen are finding it difficult to report fish caught because they do not know how to write or read.

Speaking to, Agius said he met a fisherman who could not go out to fish because unable to write and read. “He asked permission for help to complete his book when he returned to port “, Agius said, but added that the fisherman has not been allowed to do so.

Under European law (EC 1224/2009), the captains of fishing vessels with a length of more than 10 meters should keep a logbook in which to write the quantity of each species of fish they catch. Agius also spoke about another case of a fisherman who had spent more than 30 years at sea and who knows the name of each fish in Maltese but not in English.

The law specifies a table listing the names of different fish. However, there isn’t a Maltese list. This journal must be submitted to the authorities no later than 48 hours after landing.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Environment told that NFA provides continuous training on keeping a journal. For those Maltese fishing for Lampuki, they sometimes find Tunisian fishermen using their ‘kannizzati’, in violation of International Law. Pressure could be put on the Tunisian Authorities to better enforce their laws.