Watch: Wasteserv depot up in flames; ‘Fire originated from bonemeal material’

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No one was injured after a large fire broke out in Marsa, said the Police.

Nirien fl-impjant tal-Wasteserv il-Marsa

Posted by on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The incident happened this morning, at around 7 am, in the area known as Menqa. Several fire engines were on-site and members of the civil protection department managed to control the fire.

In the meantime the Civil Protection Department has issued a statement to inform Fgura, Tarxien, Santa Lucija and Paola residents to keep their windows at home closed for the time being as the fumes are toxic.

Residents living nearby the Wateserv plant in Marsa are being evacuated from their homes.

Id-Dipartiment tal-Protezzjoni Ċivili javża lir-residenti ta’ Raħal Ġdid, il-Fgura, Ħal Tarxien u Santa Luċija biex…

Posted by Byron Camilleri on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

‘The fire appears to have originated from bonemeal material’ – Wasteserv

In a statement, Wasteserv Malta said that it was around 7:30 am this morning, that a fire broke out in a yard adjoining the autoclave plant.

Within minutes, the area was evacuated, and all workers were accounted for.

The Civil Protection Department took control of the situation, successfully controlling the fire within two hours. 

The fire appears to have originated from bonemeal material – the product of the autoclave plant.

Wasteserv Malta said that the incinerator operated by WasteServ was completely untouched by the fire, including its yard.

The plant has now been shut down as a precautionary measure and kept on standby so it can be restarted as soon as there is the necessary clearance.

Earlier this morning reported that the fire originated from animal bones which were stored in a container and underground there is also gas storage. These, however, were the initial reports and were not confirmed yet.

Earlier today

**Aġġornament**Id-Dipartiment tal-Protezzjoni Ċivili javża lir-residenti ta’ Raħal Ġdid, il-Fgura, Ħal Tarxien u Santa…

Posted by Department of Information (Malta) on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

More details soon.

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