Watch: Financial aid for those investing in sustainable means of transport

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Four new financial schemes in the form of grants to give an incentive and help those who have invested or are planning to invest in more sustainable means of transport, were announced on Friday by Transport Minister Ian Borg.

During a press conference Borg explained that the newly announced investment amounts to €3.5 million and will be divided into four different schemes. These are – a scheme for the purchasing of sustainable M1 vehicles with an allocation of €1.8 million, a scheme for electric vehicles, including pedelecs and small motorcycles with an allocation of €1.6 million, a scheme for the conversion to LPG/Autogas with an allocation of €100,000 and a scheme incentivising the purchase of wheelchair-accessible passenger transport vehicles.

Minister Borg said that the package was in line with the government’s vision for the transport sector. He explained that all those who bought a vehicle eligible for one of the schemes this year, can apply and be given the grant back. The schemes are also open for those who plan to change their means of transport to a more sustainable one during the year. More than 2,000 applicants benefited from a similar package last year.

“The transport strategy we have for our country is one that not only addresses the challenges we have today, but which is aimed at sustainability and environmentally-friendly progress,” Minister Borg said.

For more information about the schemes, one can visit the website or call 80072393.