Watch: “Exit clinics and leave it up to the doctors” – Fearne

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Minister for Health Chris Fearne said that doctors should be allowed to do their job and it’s time that politicians exit from the clinic and leave everything in the hands of the Doctors.

“More life miracles” – Fearne

In a news conference before the vote, which will be taken this evening in Parliament, Minister Fearne stressed that there will be more life miracles with the amendments to the Embryo Protection Act.

Fearne said that so far, 127 children were born by IVF, and that the present system does not work for four out of every five women who use it. He added that there are 57 women aged over 40 years trying to have a baby, and in his own words the possibility of this happening is remote at present.

He said that people who do not have eggs or sperm will have a chance to have a baby through the donation of gametes. Pointed out that the rent of the womb altruistically donated, will be left to another law.

The Minister of Health said that while there was broad consultation taking place, the Government could never agree with a proposal to create a financial discrimination. Here, he referred to the proposal to raise the fee for freezing embryos.