Watch: Everyone should ask why the PN got such a result – Schiavone

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

PN MP Hermann Schiavone said that everyone should ask why Partit Nazzjonalista got such a result in Sunday’s survey. The survey commissioned by MaltaToday saw Adrian Delia registering his lowest trust rating ever.

Speaking to journalists before the PN’s parliamentary group meeting Wednesday night, Schiavone said that he believes it would be a mistake if not everyone carried one’s own responsibilities after Sunday’s result. He said that he didn’t doubt the survey and said that it’s the result of multiple factors. Schiavone added that everyone should ask why the PN obtained such a result.

Asked about whether Delia should resign, Schiavone said that the PN leader has already been confirmed as leader in the past and that his future was not on the agenda.

Other MPs kept on walking past members of the press who were gathered in front of the PN Headquarters.

According the The Malta Independent’s sources, the result of the MaltaToday survey is going to be discussed tonight.

Prime Minister Robert Abela is trusted by 62.5% of the population according to a survey carried out by MaltaToday, while only 13.5% of respondents said that they trusted Opposition Leader Adrian Delia.

While a defiant Adrian Delia, leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista, Sunday morning brushed aside the results of the survey of the Malta Today promising that he will soldier on, a number of MPs of the PN told that Delia’s position as leader is not tenable. While several MPs said that he has the duty to resign out of a sense of duty to the country, Delia, on the contrary, thinks that he has the duty to keep on fighting out of a sense of duty to the country.

Video: Miguela Xuereb