Watch: Everyone has a personal mission to be God’s ambassador – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna spoke of everyone having their own personal mission to be ambassadors of God from the beginning to the end of their lives.. This was one of the points the Archbishop mentioned while exchanging festive greetings with the public.

The Archbishop also said that good news isn’t given enough importance nowadays when we are constantly shown all that’s going wrong in the world.  He observed that although having more material riches is good, it is a lot more important for everyone to benefit from economic growth, leaving nobody behind.

He wanted to make it clear that the missions and appointments he has been getting by Pope Francis recently do not mean that he will not remain Archbishop, but that he had more work to do for the Universal Church. He also spoke about celebrating Christmas until the Epiphany to properly celebrate Christ’s meeting with the people. When one celebrates the Epiphany, they will be celebrating the message of peace, reconciliation, and cherishing humanity.

Archbishop Scicluna also had words of thanks to God for Mons Joseph Galea Curmi as the Auxiliary Bishop. He also thanked Archbishop Emeritus Pawlu Cremona for all the help he provides him.