Watch: ‘Every Member State will be under scrutiny’ – Metsola

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Every European Member State will come under the scrutiny of a group of MEPs who will assess the country’s rule of law, Nationalist MEP and Head of Delegation Roberta Metsola explained during an interview in Strasbourg. 

Metsola was recently selected as one of the EPP representatives on the European Parliament’s Rule of Law Monitoring Group, extending its mandate until 2022 and increasing its competence to also look into threats to democracy, rights violations and corruption in Member States. 

Speaking to, the Nationalist MEP explained that the Monitoring Group will look at every Member State and will seek to push reforms where these are necessary.

“My wish is to have an independent analysis on the Member State’s institutions, judiciary, the country’s anti-money laundering legislation,” Metsola said. Adding that the group will ensure that justice is done. 

Assuring Malta has a good reputation

Metsola stated that one of her duties is to make sure that Malta’s reputation is a good one. The MEP along with David Casa, are known for their fight against corruption, money laundering and the rule of law in Malta. 

She referred to the recent reports released on Malta, which time and time again have shown the systematic issues in the country’s system which need to be addressed. 

She underlined that it is indeed part of her duties ensuring that the country enjoys a good reputation.