Watch: “EU citizens cannot just work in Malta” – Michael Farrugia

Michael Farrugia the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security said that “no European citizen can come to work in Malta” when referring to the evacuated persons from the farm in Qormi in August. He stressed that the immigrants that had a permit of stay for Italy (permesso di soggiorno) are as equal as any other European citizens that come to Malta. However no EU citizen or those with the necessary permits to live within the EU may come to Malta seeking work for three whole months and that one needs the necessary permits to seek work and register through Jobs Plus for work.

When asked whether the immigrants from the Qormi farm were going to be sent back to Italy, Farrugia answered that some of them relocated with their friends. He also added that the Police make controls and patrol the streets on a regular basis. He stressed that those who overstay their permit are sent back to their country of origin including European citizens.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had previously said that some of the Qormi farm immigrants would be sent back to Italy.

EU citizens as well as persons from Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland have the right of freedom of movement and establishment without discrimination on their nationality in any EU state.