Watch: ERA is working to increase wellbeing – Claire Cordina Borg

During‘s first Business Breakfast, Manager of National Affairs at the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) Claire Cordina Borg stated that ERA’s 2005 State of the Environment Strategy aims at increasing wellbeing.

She mentioned that wellbeing is when a person is not only economically stable, but also content.

Cordina Borg added that if our country was to apply this concept, then the environment and the economy need to be worked on simultaneously. Cordina Borg added that these points are all being integrated in ERA’s strategy.

When asked what she thought of the Business Breakfast, she agreed that it hit the nail exactly on the head in expressing the view that the environment and the economy should not work against each other but can instead “work hand in hand to strive towards a better life for our country.”

Chairman of the Church’s Justice and Peace Commission Daniel Darmanin insisted that it is important that we move from rhetoric onto facts. He believes everyone distinguished that the economy and the environment are not at a competition as previously believed, and are both provide service to the people.

Darmanin explained that we should utilise these resources to better both our policies and our standard of living.

Former UHM Secretary General Gejtu Vella described how he hopes that this initiative will pursue in taking its second step.

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