Watch: Environmentally-friendly competition winners announced

The environmentally-friendly competition Rebbiegħa fil-Komunità – Xettel b’Ilwien in-Natura was launched in April.

All local and regional councils were eligible to apply for this competition. A total of 15 local councils applied and 40 different roads were included. The local councils that applied received plants provided by private company Norewx, which were then distributed to residents living in the these roads.

After the board appointed by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government conducted an analysis of these roads it was decided that the funds allocated for this competition should be distributed as follows:

  • Sqaq Bużwara in Birkirkara won €3,000 and obtained a mark of 70%
  • Triq Lellux in Santa Luċija won €3,000 and obtained a mark of 64%
  • Pjazza l-Għejjun in Fontana won €2,000 and obtained a mark of 53%
  • Triq il-Palazz tal-Isqof in Birgu won €2,000 and obtained a mark of 52%

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis congratulated the winners and all those who participated. He said that local and regional councils have an important role in the embellishment of their respective localities and that, furthermore, the citizens of our localities can help as well.

For this reason, the Parliamentary Secretariat in collaboration with the Directorate for Strategy and Policy Implementation launched this competition with the main objective to encourage residents to work with local and regional to further embellish the localities’ environment.