Watch: Environment needs to be given Priority as well – ERA CEO

Dr Louise Spiteri, CEO of the Environment and Resources Authority

The CEO of the Environment and  Resources Authority, Dr Louise Spiteri, has told that the environment needs to be, ‘given a priority as well’.

Dr Spiteri made the comment on the final day of the ERA’s two-day conference, which saw the launch of the State of the Environment Report (SoER) and a series of workshops based on its findings.

The SoER report, records a snapshot in time, in this case 2017, of the state of health of the environment in Malta. The report’s 11 chapters cast a holistic net on everything from biodiversity and air quality, to the impact of the construction industry and the availability of land.

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Dr Louise Spiteri, CEO of the Environment and Resources Authority

The CEO responded to concerns raised about the report not taking into account the three years between its reporting period and today. Dr Spiteri said that this ‘is the norm’ and that a decision had been taken to have a completed report restarting its data gathering from where the previous report left off.

She explained that the publication of the report itself is part of a legal obligation originating from the Environmental Protection Act which works towards the building of their long term vision and strategy for the country’s environment up to 2050.  This report, ‘is not going to be shelved’, she said.

A big thrust of the conference, Spiteri says, has been to get the information out into the public domain and to emphasize people’s personal responsibility to the environment.  This is shown specifically by the conference’s tagline, My Environment, My Turn.

‘we are not trying to put our foot down because i don’t want to sound aggressive but we want to highlight that we have to give importance to the environment and the environment now has to be given a priority as well, that is My Environment, My Turn’, she said.