Watch: Emma Muscat “very excited” ahead of Notte Bianca concert

Pop starlet Emma Muscat described herself “as very excited” ahead of the Notte Bianca’s concert on Saturday which she described as “one of her first big events” since it would be over an hour long. Muscat will perform with her beloved Italian rapper Biondo at the Main Stage. Muscat said that there were many items prepared while inviting the general public to attend.

The stage where Emma Muscat and Biondo will perform will be shared with nosnow/noalps, Toploader and Tenishia featuring members of Tribali.

When asked about her career she said that she was always traveling back and forth from Malta to Italy saying that she probably spent half of her time in each of the countries.

Emma Muscat rose to fame after competing in the Italian talent show Amici. Although she had failed to secure a place in the Amici final she was offered a recording contract with Warner Music.