Watch: “Elements of destruction can become elements of salvation” – Archbishop Scicluna

Archbishop Charles Scicluna, in a vlog, has spoken about how fire and water which can be the elements of destruction, can also become elements of Salvation. Mgr. Scicluna was referring to the gutting of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris last Monday at the start of the Holy Week.

Mgr. Scicluna spoke about how the fire which burned down the 850 year old Cathedral of Notre Dame, and water which was used to control it, are also the same elements which are blessed on the Holy night of Easter. He explained how the same way that the Cathedral needs a lot of work in order to be rebuilt, Christians need to rebuild the temple of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

“The physical temple can be ruined, but the true Church will stay alive through its followers,” said Mgr. Scicluna.

The Archbishop concluded his vlog by wishing everyone a happy Easter, filled with peace and joy.