Watch: EIT ready to support Maltese innovators

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) showcased its innovation cooperation opportunities during an Awareness Day in Kalkara today, 31st October organised together with the Maltese Council for Science and Technology. The EIT presented how organisations and innovators in Malta can join their wide range of activities to drive innovation. spoke with Martin Kern, EIT Interim Director who said that the EIT Awareness Day is an opportunity to connect with Maltese participants. Kern was asked whether the technological developments involved in innovation should initiate fear in the people as to a loss of job opportunities. He assured that the new technology will provide new opportunities and train people to adapt to innovation. In fact, EIT has strong innovation programs.

When asked about the definition of the word ‘innovation’, Kern replied that innovation is a broad terms which refers to finding complete solutions for societal challenges and tackles the big challenges Europe faces to achieve economic progress, for instance climate change, sustainability, and digitalisation.

The EIT works to find the right people, and the right mind set skills. In order to ensure that the work is a success and validate the process, Kern said that there have been 600 product services with the EIT which attracted €900 million.

The EIT was created in 2008 to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate. The EIT is a unique EU initiative, the only one to fully integrate business, education and research. The Institute supports the development of dynamic pan-European partnerships between leading universities, research labs and companies. These are called Innovation Communities and each focuses on a specific global challenge.