Watch: “Edel helped everyone despite her illness” – Mgr Refalo

Gozo, and all those who knew Superintendent Edel Mary Camilleri is in mourning after her passing. spoke with Parish Priest Mgr. Karm Refalo, who knew her personally.

Mgr. Refalo said that social media has shown Edel’s values, as well as her life with a family who raised her to be a generous and diligent public servant. He spoke of how she impressed him with her method of facing illness, particularly when he saw her working hard to help others despite being sick herself.

“She offered all of her suffering towards unity so there could be more love,” said Mgr. Refalo. He concluded by saying that Edel embraced her difficulties and tried to overcome them with the hope that everyone can have if united with Christ.

Her funeral will be today at 4pm at the Xagħra parish.