Watch: Drones at Gatwick interrupt flights in Malta

Six flights from and towards Malta were adversely affected by difficulties at Gatwick after drones were seen flying around the UK’s busiest airport.

According to the BBC, Gatwick closed Wednesday evening when two drones were seen flying close to the runway. 110,000 passengers on 760 flights were meant to pass through the airport today. There could still be delayed flights in the coming days as a result.

A spokesperson for the Malta International Airport told that flight KM116 to Gatwick was cancelled, with passengers flying on KM100 to Heathrow instead. Moreover, flight KM117 should arrive in Malta at 4.55am tomorrow, instead of 4pm today. BA2644 and BA2645 were cancellend, while EZY8823 and EZY8824 are being delayed.

According to the BBC, Police have not yet identified the drones’ pilots.