Watch: Dramatic scenes in KSJC elections

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Dramatic scenes followed the Junior College Council elections, after the voting counting process lasted some four hours on Friday night. 

SDM and Pulse faced off each other for the annual council elections, with the latter winning by a mere 27 votes. 

Pulse managed to secure a majority for seven out of eight posts up for grabs. The post of Social Policy Commissioner has not been decided yet following a draw, with both SDM and Pulse candidates garnering a total of 665 votes each. 

More than 1,300 students voted in these elections. is informed the College administration did not want a recount, which was however done later and resulted in both Mikela Cassar (Pulse) and Glen Mifsud (SDM) gaining the same number of votes.

The counting process lasted a total of four hours. Electronic voting is not yet available for Junior College council elections, despite many calls made during the campaign.

After the results were made public, celebrations ensued on neighboring streets in Msida in which the youths made use of flares. A Police Inspector told that activists from both organisations were stopped from using flares. The police took the details of some youths present who insisted on using flares despite being stopped.