Watch: Dr Lydia Abela and Giorgia Mae endorse Malta Together initiative

In an honest and heartfelt message to stay home and stay safe, Dr Lydia Abela refers to the Malta Together online portal as positive initiative which goes a long way towards helping people who are currently alone in view of the social distancing measures in place.

Apart from being a patron of this initiative Dr Abela will be actively involved with Malta Together to identify community initiatives providing support and help in Malta during these difficult times.   

While calling upon each and everyone of us to distance ourselves even from our loved ones in an effort to combat Covid-19, Dr Abela said, “Social Distancing prevents the spread of the coronavirus but unfortunately it leads in many cases to loneliness, boredom, frustration and sadness. For some of us, this leads to solitude and in some cases also triggers or accentuates certain problems.”  

In this scenario, Dr Abela added, “Malta Together is an ideal tool to help people cope with the new realities and day-to-day situations. Furthermore, this online tool will help to fill these peoples’ lives with hope, optimism and positivity whilst at home. We strongly believe that we can create a temporary life within our home and in the context of this new social reality.”

Dr Abela encourages everyone “to stay active, fill our lives with positivity, interact remotely with others and communicate with our loved ones. We need to learn, teach, interact, and do positive activities to use this time at home in the best possible way. In this new reality, Malta Together is a perfect platform, to help us get through these difficult times.”  

Giorgia Mae concluded, “Together as one we can make a difference, stay safe, stay home with Malta Together” 

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