Watch: Dr Klown brings smiles to Dar tal-Providenza

The Klown Doctors don’t normally perform on stage. This year, however, they made an exception to celebrate the annual Dr Klown Day with their Concerto Buffo, created especially for the residents of Dar tal-Providenza in Siggiewi.

In previous years Dr Klown Day has been an event for the general public – such as the Dr Klown Parade on St Julian’s and Sliema’s promenade last year with over 700 kids participating – but this time round they decided to use their skills to bring a ray of sunshine to the residents of Dar tal-Providenza.

After getting through rehearsals, they brought an original, colourful, varied show for the Dar tal-Providenza residents – a combination of dance, comic acts, musical performances and loads of clown improvisation.

A bit loud at times maybe, but hey, Klowns are clowns!

All Dr Klown volunteers took part in the fun and sang popular Maltese folk songs with the residents, accompanied by the Tikka Banda for the second part of the show. There was wheelchair waltzing, balloon figures and Klowns being their silly selves, turning the afternoon into an unforgettable experience for all involved.

More information may be obtained from the Doctor Klown Facebook page.