Watch: ‘Don’t remain indifferent to other people’s suffering’ – President

During her last address as the President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca urged the nation to not be indifferent to other people’s suffering. The President addressed the nation on Monday evening, where she spoke of domestic violence, bullying, homelessness and the asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean sea in search of a better life but did not make it.

The President used her speech to express her gratitude to everyone, has her term will come to an end in April 2019. She said that despite her limitations she was welcomed and accepted as a President and that during her term, she learnt a lot from all those who came forward to share their suffering with her.

Sharing an anecdote of what a young woman who suffers from depression told her,  the President said she realised that there was not enough awareness about mental health. She stressed that collaborations with the Richmond Foundation and the Mental Health Association Gozo were ongoing so as to make more community services available.

The President also allocated some of her speech and spoke about bullying, saying the children she has met, spoke of being bullied on social media. Speaking of her school visits, the President said that the students asked why people did not care for their natural environment, saying that with hindsight, she understood their question was a plea.