Watch: Does Bedingfield agree to euthanasia and abortion?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Glenn Bedingfield said that he is open to new information on euthanasia and abortion and stopped short of making a declaration of his position on the two during an interview with Professor Andrew Azzopardi.

The government MP was interviewed on Andrew Azzopardi on 103 on Saturday.

He said that “abortion is not on the agenda” echoing Prime Minister Robert Abela’s statement on the subject.

Bedingfield also said that he does not have enough information on the subject of recreational cannabis.

  • Euthanasia under certain circumstances

After he was referred to a personal statement by PL’s deputy leader Daniel Micallef, Bedingfield said that he was in agreement that under certain circumstances euthanasia should be allowed.

He explained that each person would have a different story and different reasons. He maintained that one cannot use such blanket statements in these situations. Bedingfield said that the different circumstances need to be taken into account.

  • Abortion

On abortion, Bedingfield said that one day it should be discussed and that more information is needed on the issue. He maintained that this was not a question of merely agreeing or disagreeing to abortion.

Speaking on 103 – Malta’s Heart, Bedingfield said that he was against terminating a life but there are certain circumstances where abortion could be permissible. He remarked that this was not a black and white issue.

Bedingfield maintained that he was open to more information and discussion on the subject. He added that scientific evidence and other information can help one reach a decision, saying that it is possible that there are circumstances when abortion could be permissible.

  • Were you appointed Whip because Abela doesn’t trust you?

Asked whether Prime Minister Robert Abela appointed him as the government’s whip and did not give him a position within the cabinet, Bedingfield explained that within the government’s parliamentary group there are different roles to be served. He underlined that it was the prime minister’s prerogative to appoint different individuals to different roles as he deems fit.

Bedingfield explained that he finds a lot of cooperation from the parliamentary group. Bedingfield maintained that had Abela lacked trust in him, he would not have appointed him as whip.

The government whip said that he did not see any conflict of interest with his role as MP and being a chairman of the Cottonera Foundation.

  • Why are you reading for law?

Bedingfield said that he started reading for law because it helps him in his parliamentary work. He said that law helps him meet new people.

“Am reading for law to understand things better,” he replied.

  • Electrogas

On the gas-fired power station by Electrogas, Bedingfield noted that the utility bills have been lowered and that Marsa power station which contributed to air pollution has been closed off.