Watch: Doctor urges public not to make “irresponsible” use of national blood reserve

Dr Alex Aquilina from the Blood Donation Unit urged the public not to make use of blood “irresponsibly”.  In a comment given to, Aquilina urged the public to not drink and drive. He further explained that four to five people daily turn up at Mater Dei’s Emergency Section who have been involved in a traffic accident. Sometimes the patients would require a blood transfusion, and some of the accidents do result out of drink driving. Aquilina stressed that the amount of blood varies from one patient to another, sometimes a patient would use a low amount of blood ranging from one to three blood transfer bags to quite big amount ranging from twenty to thirty bags. He further explained that the hospital runs the risk of not having enough blood transfer bags available when something out of the ordinary occurs. caught up with Dr Aquilina after this year’s annual Don’t drink and drive campaign was launched. Dr Aquilina stressed that those who drink and drive, run the risk of injuring themselves, their passengers and others who might not be involved.

Blood reserve remains low

Dr Aquilina said that given that it is the festive season, the best present one can make is to donate blood. He remarked that although a substantial amount of blood was collected over the past few days, the reserve remained low.