Watch: “Do not barricade your hearts to those drowning” – Bishop Grech

“It is not the blind who do not see but those who are heartless. We do not need good eyesight to see but a heart that is full of humanity”. Bishop Mario Grech chose to start his homily on Easter Sunday by warning the faithful that those who are missing a heart will not only not see other human beings but will see nothing. Bishop Grech stressed that we cannot truly experience the Resurrected Christ if we barricade our hearts to “those who are drowning, in all the meanings of this word”.

We see through the heart

Taking the Easter gospel as a starting point, Bishop Grech said that the driving force of love is evident in the way Mary Magdalene searched ceaselessly for the apparently missing Christ. Bishop Grech said that even for us Christ may sometimes appear missing. He referred to the current unpleasant circumstances. If said the Bishop, our hearts are open with humanity, they will be able to see Christ and He will provide us with the signs that He has truly risen.

Speaking at Mass in St George’s Basilica in Gozo, Bishop Grech underlined that the scriptures refer to the heart rather than the eyes as the organ of vision. He said that we may labour under the illusion that the world around us matters. In truth, he added, we cannot love a God we cannot see if we are not capable of loving our neighbour.

Hope springs eternal

Bishop Grech said that the litmus test for faith is the extent of our ability to love. He paraphrased Mother Theresa’s words adding that one cannot truly say that one loves until that love hurts. Just ss the Risen Christ brought hope to Mary Magdalene, she infused the terrified apostles with this hope. “Let us share this hope with those who are floundering in the darkness and are feeling without hope…even if, in so doing we may be risking our own sense of security and hope. Hope is not our belonging. Hope Belongs to God,” said Bishop Grech.