Watch: ‘Democracy is weak in Malta’ – Farrugia

Partit Demokratiku’s leader Dr Godfrey Farrugia has said in a Facebook video that the decision by the government to adjourn the Parliamentary session was not done ‘without a reason,’

Farrugia says that the move by the government to suspend the parliament during the European and Local Council elections, demonstrates that, ‘democracy in Malta is very weak.’

‘Parliamentary sittings just resumed after a three week break for Easter and out of the blue, it was adjourned again by the government’s whip, obviously on the instructions of the Office of the Prime Minister,’ Farrugia said.

His sentiment is shared by the Nationalist Party. Deputy Head of the PN Parliamentary David Agius Affairs, said that the decision was a sign of the government pressing a panic button, trying to escape the debate on abortion and dropping everything until after the election period.

Joined during a PN press conference with Party Whip Robert Cutajar and Opposition spokesman on Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification Karol Aquilina, the MPs explained that the government had effectively got rid of six sittings and parliamentary questions. They also stated that one of the debates due to be had would’ve been on abortion.  Agius called the move to cancel the sessions and debates as “unacceptable in a democracy.”

Responding to the comments from the PN and PD, the PL’s whip Byron Camilleri explained that there had been too many MP missing from parliamentary sessions making it difficult for the Parliament to function.

When asked about the Opposition’s concerns, Camilleri said that the PN had been informed that extra sessions would be organised to make up for those lost during the election period.