Watch: ”Delia’s videos not a resigning matter” –Leone Ganado and Azzopardi

Godfrey Leono Ganado, an auditor by profession but a frequent contributor to the media, and TV popular host Peppi Azzopardi both agreed that Dr Adrian Delia, leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista should not resign from his position because of what is being alleged about his marital problems.

But Leone Ganado said that Delia should resign or temporarily suspend himself because the FIAU are investigating a case in which Delia is allegedly involved. On the other hand Azzopardi said that he is worried by both Delia’s policies on immigration and Prim Minister Muscat’s right wing politics.

Leone Ganado and Azzopardi were the guests during Newsline, the discussion programme on RTK.

Videos of Delia a ‘private matter’

Regarding video of Delia being spread on WhatsApp, Leone Ganado said that these are private affairs and Delia should not resign because of them. On the other hand, he said that if Court finds any shadow of domestic violence, then Delia has to resign.

Adrian Delia during an interview with said that a politician would have to resign his position if he is guilty of domestic violence.

When a political position becomes untenable – Delia speaks

Azzopardi said that it is strange how all of a sudden Delia is being accused of being of laundering money, taking drugs, and beating his wife. According to the talkshow host, there are people who cannot stand to see Delia elected as the party leader. He added that those who say they are in favour of democracy must accept Delia as their leader.

FIAU investigation is a resigning matter –  Leone Ganado

Leone Ganado referred to the article on the Sunday Times of Malta saying that  Delia is being investigated by the FIAU as part of investigation they are doing on allegations of money laundering.

Leone Ganado said that if there is even a shadow of an allegation, Delia should suspend himself until the investigation clarifies the situation.

Leone Ganado said that he has no  faith in the Courts, the Police and the FIAU.When asked by the presenter of the programme how does he expect Delia to resign on the basis of an investigation by the FIAU which he does not trust, Leone Ganado answered that it is not the workers there that he does not trust but the organisation and the police.

Peppi Azzopardi meanwhile explained that when during Xarabank he asked Delia about these reports, Delia said that nobody sent for him to be interrogated.

Worried by Delia and Muscat – Azzopardi

Peppi Azzopardi said that Delia’s politics, especially regarding immigration, is worrying. He also said that he disagrees with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s leftist politics.

During RTK’s Newsline, Azzopardi said that “ironically” he realised he could no longer support Delia around four months ago due to his politics on migration. He said that Delia worries him due to his ideologies. During the same programme, Azzopardi also said that he is not comfortable with Muscat’s leftist politics either.

Even I leaked information – Leone Ganado

Azzopardi said that it is not right for internal discussions within the PN are leaked. Leone Ganado said that he doesn’t agree with the leaks, but these things have been going on for a long while. He added that he believes that the sources of the leaks before Delia are the same people responsible for these leaks too. Leone Ganado said that when he was chairman of Enemalta he himself used to lead material when he did not agree with government’s action in the corporation.

Corruption and Egrant

The retired auditor said that it is not the case that attacks against Delia started because he’s speaking about corruption. “How many meetings and rallies have we seen in the streets? How many times have we seen them leaving Parliament?” asked Leone Ganado. He said that while in other countries one sees protests, this is not the case in Malta.

Leone Ganado also criticised the way Delia reacted when the Egrant report conclusions were published. He said that he rushed too much, using this as an opportunity to tarnish former leader Simon Busuttil’s position.

Azzopardi retorted that the conclusions were clear. Leone Ganado meanwhile said that he trusted the inquiring magistrate but not the people helping the Magistrate.